Sports Related Injuries

Effective methods that get you back in the game.
Many of us have spent our lives enjoying sports and athletic endeavors. But, being active can translate into stress on our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. Some of the more typical injuries include torn rotator cuffs, torn ligaments at the knees, broken bones, sprains and strains. Muscles and connective tissue are particularly vulnerable. Young athletes are training longer and harder and are vulnerable to over-training injuries. Sports-related injuries can occur at the most unpredictable moment and compromise our daily lives. At Whitestone Physical Therapy our expert clinicians motivate and inspire you with their skills to accelerate your recovery process.

Recovery depends on a variety of factors, including the severity of the injury, overall physical conditioning, other medical conditions and age. Utilizing the newest techniques and tailoring treatment plans to get the best results our experienced staff motivate and inspire our clients returning them to play with a stronger and more conditioned body.

We can meet with team organizations to help educate athletes, parents and coaches on the various safety issues relative to each sport.

The strength of our relationships with our patients and referring physicians is based upon our consistency of quality care, trust and results that have been our focus for over 20 years in practice.